Motobatt Battery Capacity Tester (*8)

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Motobatt MB-BCT Battery Capacity Tester 12V

Tests AGM, GEL, EFB, OPSV, Lead Acid, Hybrid, and Lithium Batteries

  • A simple and accurate way to test battery performance in almost any chemistry
  • Full discharge test confirms battery run time
  • Powers up from the battery being tested
  • Croc Clip connectors direct to the terminal, easy!
  • Very portable take right to the machine to test

The Motobatt MB-BCT was developed to assist battery specialists and dealers check the performance of the battery in almost any vehicle so long as the battery is no smaller than 10AH and no larger than 200AH. An excellent tool to find favor or fault in batteries that does not require a PhD to operate or interpret. It contains a fully automatic program based on the operator's selection of the chemistry involved. To test a battery simply connect up the leads and press the start button. The program will test the battery at 10% of its rated capacity for 10 hours or until the voltage reaches 10.5V. A report can be printed showing the performance of the battery in run time.

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